Áspiro is a portable hood which extracts and filters noxious fumes

produced during the preparation of hair dye, bleach or any other oxidation product containing ammonia, needful to preserve security and health of the worker and of people in the surroundings.

The filtering is performed by means of a specific long-lasting activated carbon filter ,

which is easy to replace when the fixing properties of the activated carbon are no longer efficient.

Techincal and functional information:

- High efficiency radial fan
- Wide air flow - 1.200 Lt./min
- Capture velocity at start 5.6 mt/sec
- Long-lasting activated carbon filter
- Digital hour meter with internal memory
- Illuminated workspace with practical bowl space
-Extremely safe to use- Áspiro is powered by 12 Volts
- Small dimensions: cm 33x28x40h - kg 6,5
- Structure made by painted metal epoxy and stainless steel.

Avaiable colours: ivory, burgundy, mars, black, grey.

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